June, 2015

AMESTIGON are proud to join the ranks of W.T.C.Productions for the release of their second full-length album, Thier. It will be released on DLP with an etching on the fourth side and on CD in jewelcase. On Thier, there is a conceptual shift to the metaphysical level. This second full-length release is all about creation, magick, and will.

THIER, released on 28th of May 2015, is available on CD and digital download, Vinyl will follow later in 2015.
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August, 2014

As big vinyl fans members of Amestigon are very proud that W.T.C. Productions will release "Sun of all Suns“ on vinyl including a special vinyl master,
a different artwork and the bonus track "Invocation of my Demon Brother“, which already is a window to the upcoming release "Thier".

Currently Amestigon is in the process of finishing the production of the new album "Thier", which is to be expected in 2015.
On "Thier“ there is a contentual shift to the metaphysical level. This second full length release is all about creation, magick and will.

January, 2010

Finally, after more than 15 years of haunting existence, Amestigon releases its first full length album.
Various EP's and contributions to split-CD's bridged the long wait for the eagerly anticipated
Black Metal Masterpiece "Sun of all Suns"
As suggested above Amestigon stands for pure Austrian Black Metal Art.
Thematically the album is located between the occult and ethics of cruelty, sociopathy and abuse..
On this mission Amestigon is supported by Summonings Silenius and Albin Julius himself 
as guest musicians. Be aware to dive into a world of penetrating pain.
Comes in nice Digipak and 8 page booklet.

EAN: 4038846300950 HauRuck (HR95)